TrustButler Decision Matrix for Advisors

Consider what it takes to manage an ILIT effectively

Does your current process?Your ProcessTrustButler Automation
Requires you or your staff to repeatedly remind grantors when and how much to gift?Yes/noNo, the software will manage gift reminders and escalations until gifts are recorded in the system.
Follow a manual process to create and send Crummey Letters and file beneficiary acknowledgements? Yes/noNo, the software creates and delivers Crummey notices, captures beneficiary acknowledgements.
Depend on you or staff to pay premiums and record the completed transactionYes/noThe software will continue to remind the bill payer when premiums are due and prompt the administrator to record the premium amounts that were paid by the administrator for record keeping and reporting.
Depend on you or staff to monitor and update ILIT changes in a master spreadsheet or contact management system? Yes/noThe software can automatically request users to confirm or update their contact information.
Depend on you or Staff to follow a simple calendar reminder like outlook or other client management that instructs them when to create and mail notices? Yes/noThe software does not require an administrator to create and send notices but rather the system knows what notices are needed and sends them automatically or holds them in a queue pending approval of an administrator.
Is it easily scalable to handle more ILIT business without increasing staff? Yes/noThe software is designed to work effortlessly and tirelessly regardless of whether your managing one ILIT or thousands.
Is your process keeping your firm’s brand top of mind with each notice in an effort to drive new business? Yes/noThe software was designed to help keep your firms brand in front of the notice recipients who are often HNW decision makers and future heirs.
Are your ILIT records stored in a secure offsite data vault? Yes/noWe use an offsite secure SAS 70 facility for all records which can be accessed by your administrators 24/7

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